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Diagnosis of men’s health

Diagnosis of men’s health: the symptoms, treatment and prevention

As a rule, men’s health is determined by the reproductive function, which is now changing not to a better way. In this article we will discuss what measures should be taken that there is no development of the “problems” with the health of men.

Diagnosis of men’s health

  • According to statistics, in 2010 the average age group of men in US reaches only 62 years, and women is not more than 73 years. These data suggest that there is a big age gap, which is the biggest in Europe. What are the reasons that our men really have so “weak”?
  • The answer to this pressing question is very specific as smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, constant stress, poor environment, promiscuous sexual relationships – all this leaves a significant imprint on the life expectancy of men. Also worth considering is the fact that representatives of the stronger sex, as a rule, does not receive regular medical surveillance, and in fact they are able to identify the men’s “problems” in the early stages of their development.
  • To date, the most basic health scourge a man considered prostatitis, “inability”, infertility, as well as a variety of diseases that transmit to each other mainly through sexual contact. Usually, only the degree of acute illness and persevering woman (mother or sexual partner) can “drive” the man on reception to the doctor andrologist. However, at the doctor’s office to discuss the issue of how to prevent various diseases have no sense. Who should think about the appearance of the potential risk of very dangerous diseases?
  • Many experts unanimously repeat, that if a man does not lead an active life, neglects Exercising while sedentary work, he further assured expects prostatitis, impotence and hemorrhoids.

Basic Men “problems”

Today, modern andrology allocates main tasks to deal with male illnesses male urogenital system, such as the prevention, timely diagnosis and treatment of any disease. The vast majority of infections are just the main reasons for the appearance of lesions of the urogenital system.

Diagnosis of men’s health

  • The disease occurs as a result of their appearance, which are divided into these types:
    nonspecific infection, which include E. coli, various viruses, mycoplasma, streptococci, staphylococci, and many others;
    specific – trichomonas, gonococcus, urethritis, Mycobacterium tuberculosis, and others.
    These infections tend to fall into the body during intercourse, sometimes occurs hematogenous transmission, i.e. when moving the blood, for example, they come from the ground is the concentration of chronic infections (paranasal sinus, tonsils and so on.). There are other causes, such as defects and anomalies of childbearing potential places men.
  • The causes of cancer of the reproductive system in men can often appear an imbalance of circulating hormones that affect the sexual organs. This imbalance arises as a result of aging. The factors of occurrence of prostate cancer include: genetic predisposition, age, excessive consumption of animal fats, rather than normal testis directly influences the development of BPH. However, it should be noted that the term “prostate adenoma” refers to a benign tumor that occurs in men of all ages.
  • Diseases such as cryptorchidism, phimosis, and possible testicular trauma are factors that contribute to the appearance of testicular cancer, while exposure to ionizing and microwave level causes tumors of the male organ.
  • The causes of inflammatory diseases of the genital organs of men – stagnation, emerging due to increased or decreased sexual activity, which is accompanied by coitus (interrupted intercourse), with smoking and excessive drinking.

Development of the disease to other organs and systems is a factor in diseases of the reproductive system in men, particularly erectile dysfunction, which include neurosis, atherosclerosis, nervous disorders, obesity, diabetes and many others.

The emergence of prostatitis occurs because of stagnant or infectious causes. The disease is common and men of different age categories, particularly in young, as stagnating secretion of the prostate, as well as lack of sexual activity.

Male infertility, in the vast majority of cases arises because of the consumption of fatty foods, alcohol, smoking. It should also be noted that migrated earlier trauma of inflammatory diseases or developmental disorders have an impact on the occurrence of this disease.

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