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Male diseases

The symptoms of the appearance of male diseases

Usually diseases related to sexual organs in men manifests the appearance of pain in this area. Then there may be violations directly in urine observed when urinating. Urethral abnormal discharge may occur frequently observed erectile dysfunction, and changing the composition of the sperm, and that contributes to male infertility.

  • Emerging pain can be in the form of burning or worn cutting character in the urethra, which indicate the appearance of inflammation in urethra.
    Acute or chronic prostatitis is manifested by pain arising in the prostate. In the case of chronic pain of the disease can be permanent and aching in nature, with acute prostatitis – sharp pain, aggravated by defecation.
  • Sensations of severe pain radiating to the back, can be observed in the external male genitals – in the groin and scrotum, which indicates inflammatory disease, which occurs in the genitals when (varikotsile), or the entire system.
  • Symptoms of enlarged prostate include: repeated urination, accompanied by intolerance, irregular and intermittent urine stream, the appearance of pain in the perineal region.
    In the case of a strong increase in the prostate, bladder and did not get emptied, can appear blood in the urine, hence there are sexual disorders. Once these symptoms occur, you should immediately contact a doctor.

Diagnosis of diseases of the reproductive system in men:

  • Be sure the doctor assigns a blood test, which in the case of inflammatory diseases show an elevated white blood cell count, erythrocyte sedimentation rate is also increased. Upon delivery of a urine test can identify the microorganisms that provoked illness.
    Transrectal study fingers – an important process in the diagnosis of diseases of the prostate, in determining its size, the shape, the presence of foci of softening, seals and get the secret of the prostate.
  • A study in the performance of radiology used voiding urethrogram, cystogram, excretory urography, these techniques help to identify abnormalities and anomalies in the functioning of the prostate mocheotdelitelnogo channel.
  • For the diagnosis of testicular appendages and their vas deferens is prescribed ultrasound, with which you can detect the presence of diseases, and for inflammatory and oncologic pathology appointed needle biopsy of these organs. When the diagnosis of urethral mucosa and make endoscopy and cystoscopy.
  • Today is widely used various types of imaging, such as magnetic resonance and computer, and for a clearer picture of pathology spend radioisotope methods.
    On the carcinoembryonic antigen, alpha-fetoprotein and prostate specific antigen diagnosis carried serum in case of its increase it may indicate a malignant tumor of the prostate.

To determine erectile dysfunction use the following methods:

  1. laboratory diagnostics blood hormones prolactin, testosterone, estradiol and
  2. gonadotropin-releasing hormone;
  3. registration of nocturnal erections;
  4. sexological test;
  5. cavernosography – with the help of X-ray, this method is used to study
  6. neurogenic method of research, the wire electromyography genitals;
  7. diagnostics of vessels manhood, for this in the sexual organ is introduced into a
  8. member of the drugs with pharmacological action;
  9. method of study neurogenic – electromyography causal place.

Prevention of “problems” with health

  • In order to avoid the development of male problems should undergo regular checkups doctor-urologist or andrologist. It is necessary to give up smoking and excessive alcohol consumption, we should not neglect proper nutrition.
  • Various threats to men’s health “lie in wait” them in different age categories. About 20% of active males up to 50 years are exposed to diseases that are transmitted through sexual intercourse, 65% aged 25-45 years – there is chronic prostatitis in men up to 35 years, there has testicular cancer. In men, after 50 years of often observed prostate adenoma, impotence and prostate cancer.
  • Experts insist that every man held as a preventive inspection at least once a year. Such preventive measures will contribute to the early detection of existing infections.
    Routine inspections, particularly after 40 years, must necessarily include a special survey to help identify cancerous lesions in the early stages, the they have a salutary impact on the treatment because it starts on time.
  • When casual sexual act, you must always use condoms, but rather a relationship at all excluded. After all, regular sexual act with a regular partner – a guarantee that infectious diseases do not affect you.
  • If you have diseases such as carious teeth, sinuses or illness other systems and organs should take immediate treatment of these problems.

In case of any symptoms, which are set out above, you should immediately see a doctor and undergo diagnosis, as this will help prevent and possibly cure the disease in time to the male genital organs. But the use of traditional medicine and self-medication is not advisable to use because the results of such action may be undesirable, such as, for example, infertility.

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